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The Benefits of a Basement Conversion

Commissioning a basement conversion is becoming a growing trend in the UK, particularly in London where space is at a premium. Utilising the dead space underneath a house has long been popular in the US and Canada and now the move to convert basements is gathering speed over here as householders realise how such a basement conversion can bring all sorts of lifestyle benefits.

Perfect for the City Dweller

Any homeowner knows that often the only option when looking to build an extension on a house is to build into the back garden. This can often prove hugely restrictive if space is at a premium such as in a big city like London where gardens are often small and considered a luxury. A London basement conversion is therefore the perfect answer for those who don’t want to sacrifice the precious outdoor space they already enjoy for bricks and mortar.

Utilising that Space

A basement conversion can add a surprisingly large added dimension to a house giving homeowners a huge choice of what to do with the new space. The most popular choices are usually a new gym, a larger kitchen, a playroom, ‘man cave’ or games room with cinema and maybe a private workspace or office. When room is tight in a house these options are often not practical to install on ground floor, upstairs rooms or the most common location for an extension – the loft. Having functional rooms, which may require large and heavy equipment is far more practical when they are part of a basement conversion and close to the main living areas of a house as opposed to the bedrooms.

A Basement Conversion can make you Money

Think about property prices in the English capital and the benefits of a basement conversion in London are clear. Many experts estimate that a basement conversion could potentially increase the value of a property by up to 30%. Then there are the other money-making benefits a converted basement could bring if you decide to keep living in your house. A basement could be converted into an ideal residence for a lodger with the extra room under a house ensuring far less disruption to everyday life for the homeowner and more privacy for the person renting. Extra entrances to a property through the basement only increase the potential for rental income.

Simply Basement offer homeowners and developers a high-quality service to increase their home’s scale and value by extending it downwards.  A full design and build package is also available to guide clients through the architectural and planning permission side, right through to actual construction of the basement.

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