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The benefits of building a basement office in 2018

People who work from home on a consistent basis often say they can be their own worst enemy. It’s so easy to become distracted and lose focus; it’s a trend that’s also becoming more widespread too, according to TUC statistics, with the number of people working from home increasing by a fifth in the ten years to 2016 to reach a record 1.5million. It’s a trend that shows little sign of slowing as more and more people begin to turn…

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Basement Kitchen Ideas

Basements can be a great place for a kitchen, the way they are built lends themselves well to them. For example, basement floors tend to be made of concrete, which is ideal for heavy equipment, such as dishwashers and washing machines and as the rooms tend to be square it makes it easier to lay out. Another advantage of having a kitchen in your basement is that it can keep in the noise and the smells. The practical stuff When…

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Can I put bedrooms into a basement conversion?

Basement conversations are one of the most popular home improvement in London and the South East – especially where such improvements can increase the price of a property, making the extra investment worthwhile. Space has become a premium in the capital and digging down can give you and your family that much needed extra room. It is of course, possible to put a bedroom into a basement conversion. However, when deciding what to do with your basement there are regulations…

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Can I convert my cellar into a liveable space?

Converting an existing cellar into a liveable area can be a cost effective way to add space to your home; especially if you are unable to expand into the loft or build an extension. Building a whole new basement can be an expensive and disruptive endeavour and you will be required to have planning permission. While converting an existing cellar may not require planning permission, usually takes less time and can be cheaper.  How much does it cost of covert…

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Small cellar conversion ideas

Small cellar conversion ideas

Many Georgian, Victorian and even Edwardian houses in London come with a cellar. These subterranean rooms were generally used as coal storage and in grander homes – a cellar or basement would have included a scullery, larder and other service rooms. Now, with coal fires mostly banned in London and with no need for such rooms as a scullery, most cellars are used for storage or are ignored, meaning they are ripe for development for any homeowner that may want…

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Basement Conversion Timeline

Typical Timeline for a Basement Conversion

In a city, where it can be difficult to extend outwards or upwards, digging down can sometimes be the only option. Make no mistake, a basement conversion is a major undertaking; some families even decide to live elsewhere while the major works take place. How long a basement conversion will take is dependent on many things, from the type of property to how big and deep you are willing or able to go. At Simply Basement, we like to tackle…

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basement conversion neighbours

How to stay onside with the neighbours when undertaking a basement conversion

Basements conversions in London have been hitting the headlines for mostly the wrong reasons. The majority of these stories involve neighbours falling out over the disruption that basement conversions can cause. The most famous and on-going story is between Foxtons tycoon John Hunt and the French Embassy. They have been locked in a long legal battle due to Hunt wanting to build a mega basement. However, you don’t need to fall out with your neighbours just because you want to…

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Is my property suitable for a basement conversion?

London is made up of a mishmash of property styles – ranging from Georgian townhouses to new builds, and for the vast majority of these properties a basement conversion is a possibility. It may even be possible if you own a ground floor flat. The biggest question you need to ask yourself as a homeowner is – is a basement conversion worth it? Does spending the money required create the space your need and/or add enough value to your home?…

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Londons latest interior design trends 2017

London’s latest interior design trends 2017

If you are thinking of remodelling your home with a basement conversion, or even the triple conversion – loft, extension and basement – you want to be thinking about what the end product will look like. To help you on your way we have picked out some top trends in interiors for 2017. Customisation According to WGSN, a world leading trend forcaster, one of the biggest trends of 2017 will be customisation. This is not just reserved for furniture, but…

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Basement Style Ideas

Basement rooms can be challenging places when it comes to interior design. You are met with all sorts of challenges, such as a lack of natural light and subterranean rooms can sometimes come across as cold, hard, featureless places. However, with the right lighting, furniture, layout and colour palette, you can create a beautiful cosy basement area that the whole family can enjoy. Create zones If you have a basement conversion that includes a large open plan space, you can…

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