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Basement Conversion Timeline

Typical Timeline for a Basement Conversion

In a city, where it can be difficult to extend outwards or upwards, digging down can sometimes be the only option. Make no mistake, a basement conversion is a major undertaking; some families even decide to live elsewhere while the major works take place. How long a basement conversion will take is dependent on many things, from the type of property to how big and deep you are willing or able to go. At Simply Basement, we like to tackle…

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Stuccoed townhouse in Knightsbridge

5 mega basement conversions in London

Space is at such a premium in the capital’s swishest postcodes that the only way to get more is to dig down. This has led to a boom in mega basements, also known as iceberg basements. This form of home improvement has become so popular that The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea passed a policy to reduce the size of these basements and to make it tougher to get planning permission, and Westminster is adding a ‘basement tax’ of…

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Basement Conversion Timeline

Will Brexit dampen London’s appetite for basements?

  London has been in the grip of a basement boom. Backed by high demand in the property market and the want for more space in a city where it is in short supply, basements have become the latest must have. However, with the UK voting in favour of Brexit, what does this mean for basement building in London? Much has happened since the 24th June when the result was announced; a new government is now in place and what…

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Basement Conversion Trends

It’s not just the tube that lurks under the streets of London, in the more fashionable London postcodes, home owners have been expanding their houses by digging out basements – some of which can have more square footage than the house itself. This has led to such houses being called Iceberg properties. London is currently in a basement boom and it’s not just the oligarchs and billionaires who are enjoying a subterranean lifestyle – it’s becoming an option for many…

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Man Caves is top renovation dream for UK citizens

Simply Basement conducted a recent survey* on what the people of Great Britain would do with a basement and found that ‘Man Caves’, ‘Dad Pads and ‘Man Crèches were one of the top things respondents would do with extra space in their homes. 27% of the 1,000 UK residents’ surveyed wanted space for boy’s toys such as pool tables, consoles and tools. They would also ‘pimp’ up their Man Caves with a bar and cinema screen so they can watch…

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Basement Conversion Health and Safety

At Simply Basement, we treat the health and safety aspects of building your London basement conversion with the utmost seriousness to ensure the safety of our builders as well as you and your family. When you’re speaking to different basement conversion companies to find the right one to handle your basement conversion project, you should ask them about their approach and check it complies with HSE guidelines. Any reputable contractor will take the following steps into account. Before work begins:…

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Win £100 to spend in John Lewis!

Simply Basement needs your help! We want to find out more about the nation’s cellars and basements so we can learn everything from what you use yours for to what the strangest thing you’ve found in it is. If you don’t have a basement or cellar, you can still take part as we also want to know what you’d do with your dream basement conversion if money was no object. As a thank you for answering our questions, you’ll be…

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Simply Basement party wall act blog party wall agreement

Party Wall Agreements for Basement Conversions

One daunting prospect of any kind of building work including converting a basement or cellar is the potential of falling out with your neighbours if work becomes noisy or disruptive but it is also important to ensure them that any underpinning to adjoining walls or boundaries is carried out in the correct way. As so many people are wary of basements due to bad information, you might be worried about how your neighbours will react to your planned basement conversion.…

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How does a sump pump work?

A sump pump is installed to prevent dampness in basements that sit below the water table. They can also help in basements where flooding may have been a problem. While not the most glamorous part of your London basement conversion, they are essential in order to keep your brand new space free of damp. They work by removing water that has accumulated in a sump pit (a hole in the basement that collects water from various sources including the drains…

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Come and meet us at Northcote Road Summer Fete!

The annual Northcote Road Summer Fete is back on again this Sunday 12th July and we will be exhibiting together with our sister companies Simply Loft and Simply Extend. Starting at 11am until 5pm its a fun filled family day out, with lots of stalls, fairground rides and the mens Wimbledon finals being shown on a large screen. We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have on basement conversions such as planning, party wall matters and…

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