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Safe rooms (also known as panic rooms) are becoming a popular option for people looking at installing more security in their homes especially in the form of a basement conversion.

Usually located in a central area, a safe room should be surrounded by other rooms and provide just one entrance with the purpose of the room to provide a safe refuge within the interior of the home, where the family can feel secure during a robbery or other threat – a basement conversion is naturally brilliant for this.

Reinforced and supported on all sides, a safe room can also be used to store valuable possessions such as jewellery and cash but primarily this is somewhere safe where the family members and residents can protect themselves and wait out any danger.

Typically framed with steel beams or concrete blocks, a safe room is designed to be virtually impenetrable with doors often constructed with double-core metal and sealed with bolts.

Although not designed for extended stays, the concept of a safe room means it has to be liveable so many people include sink, shower, toilet, food and furniture. An alternative lighting source should also be available so as not to be reliant on torches. This should be taken into consideration when building a safe room basement conversion so that appropriate lighting sources can be placed.

Perhaps most importantly, a safe room has to have a means of communicating with the outside world. In most cases a family’s reason for retreating inside a safe room will mean they are under threat and the emergency services should be made aware. Ideally CCTV should also be present in order to record what is happening outside the safe room. As well as providing protection from intruders, a safe room should also offer a haven from storms and fire. Safe rooms may seem to be an excessive measure to take for a threat that may never happen but if your family is in danger, you’ll be thankful you invested.

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