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Basement Conversion Ideas

Small cellar conversion ideas

Small cellar conversion ideas

Many Georgian, Victorian and even Edwardian houses in London come with a cellar. These subterranean rooms were generally used as coal storage and in grander homes – a cellar or basement would have included a scullery, larder and other service rooms. Now, with coal fires mostly banned in London and with no need for such rooms as a scullery, most cellars are used for storage or are ignored, meaning they are ripe for development for any homeowner that may want…

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Is my property suitable for a basement conversion?

London is made up of a mishmash of property styles – ranging from Georgian townhouses to new builds, and for the vast majority of these properties a basement conversion is a possibility. It may even be possible if you own a ground floor flat. The biggest question you need to ask yourself as a homeowner is – is a basement conversion worth it? Does spending the money required create the space your need and/or add enough value to your home?…

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Basement Style Ideas

Basement rooms can be challenging places when it comes to interior design. You are met with all sorts of challenges, such as a lack of natural light and subterranean rooms can sometimes come across as cold, hard, featureless places. However, with the right lighting, furniture, layout and colour palette, you can create a beautiful cosy basement area that the whole family can enjoy. Create zones If you have a basement conversion that includes a large open plan space, you can…

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Stuccoed townhouse in Knightsbridge

5 mega basement conversions in London

Space is at such a premium in the capital’s swishest postcodes that the only way to get more is to dig down. This has led to a boom in mega basements, also known as iceberg basements. This form of home improvement has become so popular that The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea passed a policy to reduce the size of these basements and to make it tougher to get planning permission, and Westminster is adding a ‘basement tax’ of…

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5 reasons to have a basement conversion in London

When you need more space, moving is not always the answer, especially in London. Moving is expensive and finding a suitable house in such a fast moving market can be more hassle than its worth. So, why move when you can improve with a basement conversion. More Space Many parts of London are conservation areas and this means it can be difficult to extend up, to the side or rear. As families grow and children stay in the family home…

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