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The hustle and bustle of London life can sometimes get a little too much, even for adults, so imagine how chaotic it must seem for the youngest members of your family! Though it may sometimes seem like an impossible dream, you can create a calming area for you and your children to play and relax in, by converting the basement of your London home. Not only can you create your very own nursery or playroom, but it’s also a great way to add value to your property whilst making the most out of unused space.

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So, if you’re thinking of converting your London basement into a nursery for your little ones, here are some of the things you’ll need to consider:

Creating a nursery in your London basement

Creating a nursery or playroom in your own basement gives you the opportunity to tailor the space to you, and your family’s individual needs. You can choose their favourite colours for the walls, install a television so the little ones can watch cartoons, while the adults can watch their own programs upstairs, and choose exactly what storage you need.

Your ultimate goal in converting your basement into a nursery or playroom, is to create a space that you will look forward to spending time in.

With that in mind, here are a few things you should consider:

• Mirrors – If your basement area is quite small, give the illusion of a much larger and brighter space by using mirrors. Which are also a great addition for any little ones who might want to try their makeover skills.

• Storage – There is nothing less calming than clutter, and kids are renowned for managing to make a mess in an empty room. So, to keep your basement nursery looking clean, crisp and relaxing, by thinking about what storage areas you want to install in your basement in order to hold all your children’s toys, books and colouring equipment. You might also want to consider installing a small fridge to keep stock full of healthy snacks and drinks that your kids can help themselves to.

Converting your Basement

At Simply Basement, our experts strive to create the perfect space for all of our clients, but there are some structural elements that need to be considered when creating a nursery or playroom in your basement.

• Lighting – Without the luxury of windows to take advantage of natural light, it’s important to think of how else to illuminate your basement. You may want to consider installing dimmer switches that will give you complete control of the light in your basement. For a morning playdate you might prefer bright lighting, but for an evening of stories before bedtime, you might prefer to turn the lights down and create a calm and tranquil setting. Speak to your Simply Basement design team expert about what lighting options will be best for you and your property.

• Ventilation – If your children are going to be spending a lot of time in your newly-converted basement, the last thing you want is for their health to be at risk. So, to ensure that the space is not at risk of condensation mould, proper ventilation is important – particularly in basement areas were windows are rarely an option. There are many ways to ensure that the air is kept circulating in your new nursery, so be sure to discuss your options with your Simply Basement surveyor.

• Flooring – Many basements tend to have concrete floors, which might not be ideal if you have particularly accident-prone little ones running around. You may want to add a wooden floor, carpet, even or rubber tiling which is particularly good for absorbing impact and keep the area clean.

If you’re interested in converting your London basement into a nursery or playroom for your children, contact the experts at Simply Basement today on 0800 917 7571 or visit our contact page.

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