Basement conversions are becoming more and more popular across London so here at Simply Basement we’ve pulled together a handy guide as to how to light your new space effectively and as naturally as possible.

When commissioning a basement conversion you are probably more than likely of thinking of using an architect to help you draw up a plan and design to build from.  They will be more than likely to help you select and design ways of naturally lighting up your new basement.  Light is important in a basement conversion so that it makes your area feel as airy and as spacious as possible and not a dark closed off space that can sometimes be associated with this type of project.

Basement light well

  • If the basement is designed to be split level, then it may be possible to get natural light into the area from windows above
  • Consider the use of light wells as a good source of natural light and ventilation to the basement room
  • Glazing from the floor above is a fantastic and modern way of getting further light underground
  • Glass staircases and stairwells down to the basement are perfect for reflecting light and opening up a dark space
  • Consider having glass or frosted panelling on doors installed in the basement to let further light through

If a source of natural light is limited consider using the following design tips to make the most of your space:

  • Paint walls of the room in natural and light colours to reflect any light back around the room
  • Design and build the ceiling height of the basement conversion as high as possible to avoid the new rooms feeling cramped or small
  • Use extra lamps and up lighters to make the space feel less dark and more cosy!
  • Use light colours for your flooring choice

Here at Simply Basement our team of advisors are on hand to help you design and build a basement conversion to your budget and specification. For a free no obligation quotation and site survey, call us on 0800 917 7571 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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