At Simply Basement, we treat the health and safety aspects of building your London basement conversion with the utmost seriousness to ensure the safety of our builders as well as you and your family. When you’re speaking to different basement conversion companies to find the right one to handle your basement conversion project, you should ask them about their approach and check it complies with HSE guidelines.

Basement Conversion Health and Safety

Any reputable contractor will take the following steps into account.

Before work begins:

  • Enlist the services of a temporary works engineer to design propping, shuttering and any other necessary supports that will prevent the collapse of the your home during excavation.
  • Design a sequence of construction that includes implementing the temporary works.
  • Design and maintain safe access to the site.
  • Provide ventilation to the site if necessary.
  • Identify and protect any underground services.

Once work has begun:

  • Install and maintain temporary works as instructed by the temporary works engineer.
  • Support all sides of the `excavation to prevent movement or collapse of the building or ground.
  • Provide necessary equipment for site access.
  • Provide robust barriers to prevent people or materials falling into excavated areas.
  • Ensure key decisions are made only by experienced supervisors or the temporary works engineer.

The Simply Basement team will be completely transparent with you about health and safety procedures during the planning stage of your basement conversion. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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