5 mega basement conversions in London

Basement rooms can be challenging places when it comes to interior design. You are met with all sorts of challenges, such as a lack of natural light and subterranean rooms can sometimes come across as cold, hard, featureless places. However, with the right lighting, furniture, layout and colour palette, you can create a beautiful cosy basement area that the whole family can enjoy.

Create zones

If you have a basement conversion that includes a large open plan space, you can break this up by creating zones. If you have used your underground space to create an open plan kitchen and living zone, you can use different flooring to define the cooking, eating and living areas; for example, using tiles for the kitchen area and softer flooring for eating and living zones. One of the downsides to open plan spaces is that they can echo and carry noise – so to mitigate this, rugs or carpets can be used. Rugs are also a great way to zone an area.


In a basement, where natural light can be scarce, getting the level of artificial light right is important. How you are using your basement will impact the type of lighting you will need. If its main use is for watching films or playing games on a big screen, you will want unobtrusive lighting that can be dimmed. Also, using carefully placed mirrors can help throw light back into a room.

If you have an open plan basement conversion, which you have zoned, you might want to light each area differently. In the kitchen, you will need brighter lights. This can be achieved with spotlights and under-cabinet lighting. Ceiling pendants can be used to highlight features such as your dining room table. For the living space, soft lamps will give the area a warm and cosy feel; and of course, dimmer switches are really useful for open plan areas where you might want to change the mood as the day wears on.


The type of basement you have and what you use it for will influence the colours you will use. If you have a basement with a dug-out courtyard and plenty of daylight coming in, you might want to keep the colours light and use an accent wall or art to add a splash of colour. If you are using your basement for a cinema, games room or bar then dark, warm, rich colours can be used to create a more den-like feel.


Regardless of your basement layout, you’ll probably want a large cushy sofa with plenty of scatter cushions. This not only makes the place cosy, it can help keep echoing to a minimum. Using traditional materials, such as wood, can give a room a warm and homely feel. If you love colour you can inject bright tones with accessories such as rugs, blankets, ornaments, soft furnishings and art work.


From open plan living to man caves or even basement swimming pools, at Simply Basement we create beautiful, practical basement conversions to give you and your family the space your need. Contact us today for a free site survey.

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