Looking for further space or want to create a wow factor under your home?  Then why not consider adding a basement conversion to your home.  If you’ve already converted up into your loft space or you’ve already added an extension to your home, then basement conversions can be a fantastic way of generating extra space, especially in London, where space is at a premium.  Here’s a helpful guide to talk you through the benefits of converting your basement or cellar into a useable fantastic space.

  • Not many people realise that you don’t necessarily need an existing cellar or basement to convert beneath the ground.  With the right planning permission in place, you can actually dig out a space beneath your home to house extra bedrooms / playrooms or whatever your heart desires!
  • Many families in London are now weighing up the benefit and the cost of moving home for a larger space with actually converting and generating extra space from what they already have.  Basement conversions are good ways of creating extra bedrooms, whether that is for the kids, for a nanny or even as a granny annexe.
  • Believe it or not, a house with a basement can sometimes be better insulated than those without as they control temperature and retain heat more effectively!
  • If you are looking to generate an income out of your property, then a basement conversion could also be used to house tenants and be made into self contained dwelling.  Again planning permission would be required here.
  • Waterproofing and tanking methods are so advanced now, that basement conversions are no longer deemed as rooms that will eventually leak or have damp problems.  In fact with the right design, sometimes they can be the most visually stunning rooms in a house!


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