Londons latest interior design trends 2017

If you are thinking of remodelling your home with a basement conversion, or even the triple conversion – loft, extension and basement – you want to be thinking about what the end product will look like. To help you on your way we have picked out some top trends in interiors for 2017.


According to WGSN, a world leading trend forcaster, one of the biggest trends of 2017 will be customisation. This is not just reserved for furniture, but walls and floors too. This links into the trend for many homeowners wanting to customise the layout of their homes with extensions, or basement and loft conversions. When planning your basement, you will need to state if you want to have features such as exposed brick, beams or a particular kind of flooring.

Soft industrial

Soft industrial or industrial luxe is associated with materials such as concrete, marble and cork. These materials give a space texture and character. In a home you might want to use cork or brass to warm the space up; cork walls are now popular in home offices as you can pin anything to them. Brass lamps or light fixtures will help cast a soft glow in your basement, giving that cosy hygge feel. If you want to achieve soft industrial in a basement, expose pipe or steel duct work.


Geometry and geometric patterns were popular in 2016, but in 2017 it’s set to be huge. The emphasis will be on sleek lines and unusual shapes, and when it comes to colour, anything goes. If you are a colour fiend go for 70s psychedelic chic, or for a more classic paired down look opt for monochrome.

The natural world

2017 is all about bringing the outside in, and many designers have looked to the tropics to inspire them this year. Fern, palm tree and leaf prints are all the rage for wallpaper, soft furnishings and upholstery. Pot planted ferns, aloe vera and terrariums are perfect for a little splash of greenery in a basement. If you get enough light you may be able to opt for a tropical leaf plant such as a banana plant or palm.


Maps, especially vintage ones, are now at the height of fashion. When buying a map, consider purchasing a vintage map of your area, where you grew up or somewhere that means something to you. Designers are also creating stencilled maps or interactive maps where you can plot your travels. It’s not just land maps that will be adorning our walls – but subway, transport and even ski area maps too. They are a stylish way of giving a basement space a personal touch and rooting it to the surrounding area.

If you want to customise your space with a basement conversion then contact Simply Basement today for a free site survey.

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