Simply Basement conducted a recent survey* on what the people of Great Britain would do with a basement and found that ‘Man Caves’, ‘Dad Pads and ‘Man Crèches were one of the top things respondents would do with extra space in their homes.

27% of the 1,000 UK residents’ surveyed wanted space for boy’s toys such as pool tables, consoles and tools. They would also ‘pimp’ up their Man Caves with a bar and cinema screen so they can watch sport and movies without being disturbed.

Man Pads

However, man-pads was not the number one choice for most Brits. 30% said if they could add an extra room they would want to create an ‘Alone Zone’ to get away from the rest of the family.

Ideas for ‘Alone Zones’ included gyms, Jacuzzi, pool, yoga studio, library, craft cave, wine cellars, recording studios and of course man caves.

Interestingly, three people said they would use the space as a cattery, perhaps indicating we think more of our furry friends than we do our fellow man.

Less than 10% of the nation actually wanted to create a living space that could be shared by all the family, whilst 2% of kinky Brits would use the space to get closer with ‘adult-only’ facilities.

Despite the red hot London property market only 1% saw adding extra space as a commercial opportunity by creating a self-contained flat.

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*The survey was conducted in January 2016 with 1,000 UK adults by Simply Construction Group

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