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One daunting prospect of any kind of building work including converting a basement or cellar is the potential of falling out with your neighbours if work becomes noisy or disruptive but it is also important to ensure them that any underpinning to adjoining walls or boundaries is carried out in the correct way. As so many people are wary of basements due to bad information, you might be worried about how your neighbours will react to your planned basement conversion. One sure-fire way to upset them is not doing things by the book so it’s important to have Party Wall Agreements in place before you start work.

Your Party Wall Agreement advises neighbours whose property adjoins yours of the works being carried out that will affect shared walls and the dates work should begin. Statutory notice in this instance is two months before the planned dates of construction. As you will be excavating, you also need to include plans showing the extent of the works, if your basement conversion will be within three or even in some cases six meters of your neighbour’s building.

Once you have served your neighbours with these notices, they have 14 days to respond. If they don’t respond during this time, they are deemed to be in dispute of your proposed works and they are then obliged to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor. If you are intending on carrying out the basement conversion, then the cost of the Party Wall Surveyor will usually fall to yourself. The Party Wall Surveyor will then work with all affected parties involved to be able to award a party wall agreement. Only until you are in receipt of an agreement, can work on your basement conversion begin.

At Simply Basement, as part of our service, we can advise you on the Party Wall Agreement process and help you to ensure it goes smoothly as well as putting you in touch with one of our certified Party Wall Surveyors. We will also keep your neighbours as happy as possible through the building works by causing minimal disruption and keeping them informed along the entire process.

Call us on 0800 917 7571 or complete our online form to see how our team can help you plan and build your basement conversion to create more space in your London home.

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