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When you’re considering a London basement conversion, you come up against a lot of questions – but the answers aren’t always so easy to find. This is especially complicated by the fact that there are still a lot of myths about basement conversions out there that can often scare you away from your own project.

At Simply Basement, we specialise in basement conversions in London, so there’s probably not a question we haven’t been asked yet. To save you some time and to make sure you’re not being fed myth after myth, we’ve put together some of our most commonly asked queries and our answers to them.

How long does a basement conversion take to complete?

The length of time that a basement conversion takes to complete can vary wildly depending on the size and scope of the work.  On average it can take anywhere from a couple of months right up to a year for more complex projects.  Once a Simply Basement surveyor has visited your site and fully understands the scope of work you would like to carry out, only then are we able to advise you on an accurate timescale.

Do I need to have an existing cellar or small basement in order to have a basement conversion?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have an existing cellar or basement space in order to create your basement conversion. Believe it or not, an actual basement can be created purely from the ground beneath your home.  It is important to choose a basement specialist to carry out your project due to specialist requirements with underpinning and waterproofing your space. Here at Simply Basement we are able to work on all types of property.

Will I need planning permission in order to build a London basement conversion?

You will most definitely need planning permission if you want your basement conversion to be a habitable room. Exceptions to this would usually come into play when you convert an existing residential basement and make no alterations to the exterior.

Planning permission takes around eight weeks to obtain in most cases, but this can be longer if revisions are necessary.  Our Simply Basement team of architects are on hand if you require them to help you develop and submit plans for approval.

How much does a basement conversion in London cost?

An average basement conversion in London can usually cost around £180,000, but this depends on many varying factors such as the size of the conversion and the level of fixtures and fittings you choose.  If the area you wish to convert is small, then the cost will of course be less. Basements can have many different uses including additional bedroom space, studios, home gyms, wine cellars or even swimming pools; the list is endless. As your basement conversion is bespoke to your needs, the costs will reflect your choices.

If you are considering a basement conversion in your London home, contact us today to discuss your ideas and let us answer any questions you may have.

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