With outdoor space limited and at a premium in overcrowded London, having the space around your own home to exercise and let off steam can seem like an impossible dream. However, with a basement conversion you can create your own exercise space at home with a swimming pool and gym.

The idea of putting a swimming pool in the home can be a bit daunting and many people instantly worry about creating a space deep enough and the structural engineering involved to support the weight. However, the advantage of putting a swimming pool in a basement conversion is, quite simply, that it’s at the bottom of the home and so you don’t have to worry about the extra weight. Nor do you need to worry about space as it can just be dug out from the ground beneath the house. Then it’s simply a case of waterproofing, laying concrete and tiling by our specialist swimming pool contractors.

A basement conversion also makes a perfect spot for a gym and many of Simply Basement’s clients will pair up a swimming pool and gym area – or even a sauna and steam room. It gives you the luxury of having your own, personal exercise space in the heart of your home – with the added bonus of no gym nuts constantly asking if you’re finished yet!

If you’re interested in creating a basement conversion in your London home, contact the experts at Simply Basement today on 0800 917 7571.

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