It’s not just the tube that lurks under the streets of London, in the more fashionable London postcodes, home owners have been expanding their houses by digging out basements – some of which can have more square footage than the house itself. This has led to such houses being called Iceberg properties. London is currently in a basement boom and it’s not just the oligarchs and billionaires who are enjoying a subterranean lifestyle – it’s becoming an option for many space starved Londoners.

Once you’ve decided to dig out your basement what do you do with the new found space? If you need some inspiration then take a look at our top basement conversion trends in London.

Basement Swimming pools

Swimming pools are high on the wish list when it comes to basement conversions. There are many hidden under London’s streets. Basement swimming pools offer privacy, intimacy and a bit of luxury.  The latest trends for swimming pools include movable flooring, which changes the depth of the pool depending on who is using it and counter current pools, which creates a current or jet stream to swim against, keeping you swimming on the spot, like an underwater treadmill. This means even a small pool can be used as an exercise pool.

Basement Home Bars

If you love to throw a party why not change a room in your basement into a bar. Themed bars are a popular choice with American diner and Wild West being particular favourites.  Another trend is to have a unique liquor cabinet such as a 1950s TV or a globe. Of course if you’re an wine aficionado then why not combine your bar with a wine cellar.

Wine cellars

A basement is the perfect place for storing your wine collection. This room does not have to be a dusty, dark, cave like space it can be a sleek design statement, where you can show off more than just your wine collection. When you build a wine cellar make sure you incorporate an area that can be temperature and humidity controlled to maintain optimum cellar conditions for both bottle aging and ready to drink wines.

Home Cinemas

Home cinemas are growing in popularity and putting one in the basement makes sense, as such rooms do not need natural light. There are two aspects that are central to a perfect cinema room, one is the screen and second the seating. The screen needs to be large and have excellent picture quality. Many opt for a floating screen, some upholster the wall in leather. When it comes to seating it needs to be comfortable; chaise lounges, day beds or reclining arm chairs is the best way to go. Some chair companies do bespoke design for home cinemas.

Man Pads


When home owners opt for a basement conversion a room for the kids is high on the agenda. Having a play room in the basement means you can keep all the children’s toys in one place and away from more public rooms. Top trends for basement playrooms include an entry slide, Wendy houses and a wall transformed into a chalk board.

No matter what you want to do with your basement conversion, Simply Basement will guide you from start to finish. Our expert designers, architects, builders and project managers will help you realise your Basement dream. For more information just contact us to arrange your free site visit and quotation.

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