People who work from home on a consistent basis often say they can be their own worst enemy. It’s so easy to become distracted and lose focus; it’s a trend that’s also becoming more widespread too, according to TUC statistics, with the number of people working from home increasing by a fifth in the ten years to 2016 to reach a record 1.5million.

It’s a trend that shows little sign of slowing as more and more people begin to turn their back on the traditional ‘9-to-5’ working week. With one-in-16 people professionals in the South-East working from home, the most successful will be those who can effectively separate their home and working lives, and create spaces where they can best perform their professional tasks.

One of the best ways to do that is to create an office space at home. Sometimes though putting a PC in the spare room just isn’t enough. If you’re a professional living in London who works from home, we’re firm in the belief that a basement conversion can help you to build the absolute best office space for your needs.

The benefits of building a basement office go beyond better focus and creating a better professional space to operate in. A great basement conversion can also go a long way to increasing the value of a property in London. It may also be possible to convert a basement if your property is leasehold and permission is granted.

What do you need to think about though before you decide to invest in a basement office conversion, though? It’s worth considering:

  • The amount of space you could gain: It can be difficult to extend in certain parts of London thanks to them being conservation areas. Take a look around your basement too; is the amount of space going to be worth it for the investment? Simply Basement’s design team will work with you to help you consider your options and better visualise how your office space will look when finished
  • What your basement office could achieve: If you lack an existing basement space and want to create one, it’s best to plan ahead and consider the commercial benefits of an ambitious project. If you plan on growing your business long-term for instance, it’s possible to create spaces beneath the footprint of the house and expand under the garden at a later date
  • Becoming a more energy-efficient worker: Working from home can help workers to save on overheads. At some point though bills are naturally going to rise; working from home during colder months can see the heat remaining on constantly, which isn’t an ideal scenario. A basement office could actually prove to help you become more energy-efficient as it can improve wall and floor insulation. With the right design they can trap light more effectively, and a lack of wind chill below ground will help keep the heating off in cooler months.

For more information call simply Basement on 0800 917 7571, or fill out an online enquiry form.

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